9/18/2013 : Drivers called to join the It Can Wait® movement

Drivers called to join the It Can Wait® movement,

Get involved on September 19, drive 4 pledges day

Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association, Louisiana State Police and Louisiana Chiefs Association join PSC Commissioners to Encourage Louisianans to Pledge Not to Text and Drive

September 18, 2013

Baton Rouge, LA, —

Today, the leadership of the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association, Louisiana State Police and Louisiana Chiefs Association joined Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta for a press conference to encourage Louisianans to take the It Can Wait Pledge to never text and drive.

“As wireless has become a more central part of all of our lives, we must ensure that we use the technology safely, which means never texting while driving,” said PSC Chairman Eric Skrmetta. “All of us can make an impact on this problem by taking the pledge and sharing our commitment with our friends and family. I urge every driver across the state to take the It Can Wait pledge today and help us end texting while driving.”

“Far too often, my officers see firsthand the devastating results of texting while driving,” said Colonel Mike Edmonson, Louisiana State Police Superintendent. “Changing behavior is hard to do, but we can if we work together to raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving and make it socially unacceptable to do so.”

“We’ve seen how community action and shared commitments can change behavior behind the wheel,” said Michael Ranatza, Executive Director of the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association. “From wearing seat belts to drinking and driving, we’ve seen how speaking up to our friends and family have made our roads safer. I have no doubt we can do the same with texting and driving.”

"Only through a concerted effort by law enforcement and community will we be able to change the outlook drivers have regarding attentive driving,” said Fabian Blache, Jr., Executive Director of the Louisiana Chiefs Association. “We must ensure they know the statistics compiled as well as the penalties beyond an accident for failing to pay full attention while driving and avoid the use of distracting devices.”

Individuals can now sign up at to get resources that will help them share their commitment on social media and personalize the movement on the streets of their communities on key activation days. Aspiring to create a social stigma around this dangerous habit of texting while driving, Drive 4 Pledges Day will focus on getting individuals involved in taking the pledge to never text and drive while encouraging others in their community to do the same. These individuals will join AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile US, Inc., Verizon and more than 200 other organizations by sharing their commitment not to text and drive while increasing awareness of the dangers.

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