Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association

Exhibition Rules and Regulations


  1. Booth area will be 8ft x 10ft (Unless registration is presented at conference, then space will be that which is available and may not be in accordance with other booth spaces), and will include 1 (one) six foot table, covered with a cloth, dressed skirting, and two chairs. Failure to adhere to these space guidelines will result in the removal of your display. There will be no latitude given here. If you need additional space, it is your responsibility to contact the LSA office prior to the beginning of the conference. THIS POLICY IS STRICTLY ENFORCED WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2.  Exhibitors may not reassign, sublet, or allow other companies to use the whole or a part of the space assigned by LSA
  3. Exhibitors may not move or adjust any table or booth space that has not been assigned by the LSA without prior approval of the Conference Planner and/or Exhibition Coordinator.
  4. Exhibitors may not occupy any table or booth space that has not been assigned by the LSA.
  5. All Weapons displayed in the exhibit area must be rendered inoperative. Live explosives of any type, that include, but are not limited to, ammunition, smoke grenades, or other devices are not permitted in the exhibit area under any circumstances.
  6.  For shipping information, please contact Hilton Sandestin Resort directly.
  7.  The LSA shall not, in any manner or for any cause, be liable or responsible to the Exhibitor or the Exhibitor’s directors, officers, employees, agents, licensees, or guests, for any loss of or injury or damage to the goods or other property of the Exhibitor that may occur to the exhibitor or the Exhibitors directors, officers, employees, agents, licensees, or guests. Any and all claims for such injuries are herby waived.
  8.  The Exhibitor is responsible for taking all measures necessary to protect other parties and property from any harm, which might result from or be caused by its exhibit, demonstration, goods, materials, and/or equipment. The exhibitor shall be solely liable for any and all damages, costs, or expenses, which the Exhibitor may incur, suffer, or be required to pay by reason of injury to persons or loss of injury to property which may be caused by or result from any act of omission on the part of the Exhibitor, or caused by or result from any demonstration or exhibit of the exhibitor.
  9.  The LSA and its directors shall have full power to interpret or amend these Rules and Regulations. The Exhibitor agrees to abide by any rules or regulations that may be adopted hereafter by the LSA. These Rules and Regulations become a part of the contract between the Exhibitor and the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association. They have been formulated in the best interest of the Exhibitors. The Conference Planner and Exhibition Coordinator respectfully ask the full cooperation of the Exhibitors in complying with these Rules and Regulations. All Points not covered are subject to the decision of the LSA.